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Community Based Programmes

Community Based Programmes

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is a strategy within Community Development for the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social integration of all people with disabilities. It’s a widespread agreement on the fact that people with disabilities are one of the poorest and most marginalized groups in this locality. It is in this regard Annamma Organization is carefully following up 12 neighbouring mandals and concentrates on the issues of social interaction, schooling, vocational training and provision of assistive devices. By addressing these issues, the possibilities of empowerment are demonstrated to the people.


Awareness Campaigns

Annamma Organization organizes and mobilizes public support through the use of democratic tools such as awareness campaigns on various issues such as Environmental Protection, Girl Child Education, Rights of the Disabled, Climate Change, Cancer Awareness, Anti-Trafficking, Child Rights, AIDS Awareness, Importance of Education, Yoga etc. Through these awareness campaigns we try to bring about change in our own way in the very thought process of people and make them to take action.


Networking and Collaborating

Annamma Organization sees value in networking and collaborating with government & non-governmental organizations and other associations so as to achieve mutually agreed upon goals for the betterment of the society. Annamma Organization gives importance and value to networking with other organizations in impacting the lives of the diffrently abled and marginalized persons. As an organization we spare no effort in networking and collaborating with other associations and organizations in reaching out to the more needy people and places.


Hearing Clinic and New Born Hearing Screening

Recognizing the high prevalence of hearing loss in the community among children and the aged, Annamma Organization proposes to initiate a Community outreach program through mobile hearing clinic with an aim to provide services related to ear and hearing care. Significant hearing loss is one among the most common and major abnormalities present at birth. It is a fact that if hearing loss is presents it should be detected and remedied before the baby is 6 months old as it impedes speech, language and cognitive development. The large number of newborns in various Government and private hospitals need to be addressed as there is neither universal screening nor a high risk screening existing in the majority of the hospitals in Andhra Pradesh.


Self Help Groups for Women

Self-Help groups, also known as mutual help, mutual aid, or support groups, aregroups of people who provide mutual support for each other. In a self-help group, the members share a common problem. Self-Help Group (SHG) is a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from the same socio-economic background. They come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self-help and mutual help. The SHG promotes small savings among its members. The savings are kept with a bank. By forming SHGs Annamma Organization play a crucial role in improving the savings and credit and also in reducing poverty and social inequalities.


Care and Support for HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected Persons

HIV care and support refers to key non-antiretroviral therapy clinical services, the treatment of HIV-related infections and non-clinical services that in combination with antiretroviral therapy contribute towards the reduction of rates of ill health and AIDS-related deaths among people living with HIV. Annamma Organization emphasis on importance of Nutritious Food, Medication and Social Reintegration. We stress that people with HIV can live at home and maintain a normal social life. Since the virus is not spread by casual (i.e., non sexual) household contact, family members, roommates, and visitors are not at risk of becoming infected. We take special interest in the children of the HIV infected or affected persons.


Festivals and Celebrations

India is a land of multi-ethnicity where people of different languages and cultures live together with peace and harmony. India is worldwide known for its cultural diversity and colorful festivals. We celebrate national festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day & Gandhi Jayanthi. Apart from these National Festivals, Annamma Organization celebrates all other Festivals such as Christmas, Ramzan, Holi, Dasara, Diwali, Ambedkar Jayanthi, Mahaveer Jayanthi, Budha Jayanathi etc., as each festival carries an important message to the people. By celebrating all these festivals we imbibe in our children the great ideals such as Unity in Diversity, Religious Harmony and the importance of very life itself.


Cultural Programmes

Annamma Organization gives great importance to Cultural Programmes by inserting it into the school curriculum itself. A separate teacher is appointed to look into cultural events of the organization and train the cultural team regularly on the latest developments. Cultural events are not only seen as a part of entertainment but also as tools in the rehabilitation process of children especially the children with intellectual disabilities. These cultural events are organized in various corporate organizations, festivals, govt organizations and educational institutions. Along with various partners and supporters, this cultural team has left an amazing impression in the minds of the audience.


Food, Nutrition & Medical Care

Good Food and Nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Keeping this in mind Annamma Organization provides good and nutritious food daily to the children. We provide two meals a day along with breakfast. In the evening all the children are provided snacks and fruits. Special nutrition is provided to the children who are sick and weak. Annamma Organization doesn’t compromise on hygiene and quality of food to the children. Annamma Organization gives utmost importance to the health care facilities for children under its care. Every fortnight the organization conducts general medical checkup for the children and addresses their health issues.


Sports and Games

The importance of sports and games to special children in our organization encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Through sports and games we focus on self-esteem and mental alertness in every child. It teaches the children life skills like teamwork, leadership, patience, fair play etc. It boosts self confidence and self-image. Our students have won laurels in sports and games at the district, state and national levels as well. The organization believes and uses sports and game as a transformative tool in empowering the special children under its care.