All Donations to Annamma Organization are Tax Exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 & Please Remember Our Organization When You Write Your Will

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Looking For 365 Donors

Permenent Annadana Programme - 365 Donors

Annadanam: The Sacred Tradition of Offering Food

Among all forms of charity, Annadhanam is considered as an act of highest virtue. All the other human needs like clothes, shelter and education impact only the quality of life but the food impacts the very life itself. Sharing food is sharing life. That is the reason Annadhanam is even called as Jeevandhan. Feeding the hungry and deprived, offering food to the poor and marginalized is a gesture of compassion towards fellow living beings.

Special Request to the Donors

Dear Donors, Philanthropists, Educational Institutions, Corporates, Associations and Groups, we are looking for 365 donors who can support us with Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh only) each, towards Permanent Annadana Programme of the organization as one time grant. Your total donation of One Lakh would be put in the fixed deposit of “Annamma Annadana Programme” account of the organization. With the interest that is accrued every year, on the chosen day of the donor, annadanam would be served for whole day to the differently abled persons according to the wish and intention of the donor. The capital donation of One Lakh is untouched. In this way the noble service activity of annadanam would be carried out every year in the name of the donor or their family members forever. Hence Annadanam would be performed on all 365 days in a year with the interest on the magnanimous donations received from the donors.

Privileges to the Donors

Donors would get the following privileges for their participation in Permanent Annadana Programme by donating One Lakh and above.
* Family Photo of the donors would be displayed at the recreation hall of the organization.
* Donors who contribute towards ‘Permanent Annadana Programme’ would be inducted as general body members of the organization.
* Donors would be invited every year officially to the organization and present them the annual report including the financial details and would take their suggestions for future development of the organization.
* The Donor is considered as “Maha Raja Poshaka” and would be felicitated every year and acknowledged in public during the School Annual Day Celebrations.
* The donor would be provided Income Tax Exemption Certificate under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Bank Account details for Permanent Annadana Programme

Donations to Permanent Annadana Programme can be made by way of Cheque, Demand Draft or Online transaction in favour of the following account details of Annamma Organization:
A/C Name         :     Annamma School for Hearing and Physically Handicapped and Baby Care Centre
A/C No.             :      0414053000006517
IFSC Code         :    SIBL0000414
Bank                   :    SOUTH INDIAN BANK,
Bank Address   :     South Indian Bank, Moghalrajpuram Branch, Vijayawada, Krishna Dist., A.P.